Turn It Up, We want to HURT these people!


MOTORHEADACHE are Canada’s number 1 Tribute to Rock& Roll Legends ‘MOTORHEAD’

Formed in 2002 and based in Toronto, Canada, Motorheadache capture the true look, feel, and vibe of a Motorhead concert.

Author of ‘Live to Win’ (Motorhead coffee table book) & president of ‘Motorheadbangers ‘World Fan Club, Alan Burridge says

“Great band, They Kick Ass”! quoted 01/18/13

Go see Motorheadache, you’ll be amazed !” (quoted 11/23/11)

** MIKKEY DEE , drummer of MOTORHEAD says,
Nick looks like a young Lemmy !” (quoted 02/09/09 Toronto)

The band feature classics such as Ace of Spades, Bomber, Overkill, Motorhead.
The band has also been endorsed on MOTORHEAD’S Official Website

The main body of the MOTORHEADACHE set list comprises a number of classic songs from the 1978 to 1982 era, but also reflects the range of other material from 1984 to 2012

MOTORHEADACHE pay great attention to detail and lifelong MOTORHEAD fan,
Nick aka ‘Lemmy Clonemister’ of Motorheadache has Lemmy’s Marlboro & Jack Daniel’s gravel voice and the trademark Lemmy muttons, white Cuban heels, bullet belt and tight black canvas jeans.

‘Fast Eddie’ Clarke look a like Bryan Donahue has been relentlessly playing ‘Fast Eddie’ riffs since he was a teen, while most young guitarist’s idol’s typically include Rhoads, Van Halen, Page etc…Bryan’s has been ‘Fast Eddie’…you’ll be in awe seeing him pound out those classic riffs & solos from the Motorhead catalogue.

Garry Lennox is a Philthy Animal Taylor clone with precision Motorhead drumming. When you combine all three , its like being at an early 80s Motorhead gig.

A must for MOTORHEAD speed freaks.…

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